SYLLART TRANSIT TRANSPORT MANUTENTION ET SERVICES (I-STTMS) is a Senegalese company with real experience and expertise in the field of customs clearance formalities, transport, handling and other services related to international trade. This great experience and expertise based on rapid and quality processing of requests, its insurance formality, its import and export service in customs clearance, customs clearance, delivery and transport formalities make I-STTMS a privileged partner of several large companies across Africa, Asia and Europe who have trusted it fully for more than ten (10) years. Manage for you:

  • IMPORT SERVICES that manage your Customs clearance and delivery formalities for imported products, then Customs clearance and transport of products in transit to the sub-region (MALI, GUINEA, etc.)
  • EXPORT SERVICES which manage your Customs clearance formalities for products intended for export and Transport in transit for export from the sub-region
  • INSURANCE which manages All Insurance formalities
  • OTHER SERVICES such as representation, administrative procedures, intermediation….

Our vision lies in our ability to offer a service adapted to the national or international level with the flexibility and responsiveness of a regional SME. Thanks to our geographic network, our customers benefit from local contacts in certain European and American countries, recognized know-how and guaranteed services.

Our mission

Offer quality services at reduced costs

Develop logistics models adapted to the problems of its customers and partners

Accompany its customers and business partners towards its success with advice on import-export.

Our Services

Transport and Handling

Handling means the action of handling, moving goods, packages or documents in a place of production or storage such as a warehouse, a factory, a store, an office, etc…


We assign a customs procedure to your goods which takes their destination into account. In simpler terms, import customs clearance which in most cases pays customs duties and VAT …

The Direction


is the General Manager of the International-STTMS company (Syllart Transit Transport Manutention et Services) which is a Senegalese company with perfect mastery of customs clearance procedures for all products, even pharmaceuticals, which is not limited to customs clearance and delivery of your goods but also to a support service that can help you provide all pre-clearance and customs clearance documents in time for your payments.


We give you full control over your shipments and receptions

This thanks to our finest qualities which are: the security of the packages, the efficiency of our work and the professional experience that we have acquired over the years.

The security of packages and the efficiency of our work is the ideal solution for urgent goods shipments, on time. Our experts will recommend the company and route that best suit your specific needs.

Our professional experience allows us to manage the consolidation of cargoes, in order to optimize the loading of containers. We can share goods going in the same direction on certain routes, thus making you realize economies of scale.

Our Partners

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